Thursday, March 31, 2005

The story continues

So I went to work and Me, Marion, and Jackie had a talk. There were a lot of appologies for me having to expirience this and general threats toward the guy (I feel like I have about five moms...including Kevin's bosses at A&T). She said that I had two choices:

1. Wear a security device that buzzes the front security desk and alerts the police to what floor I'm on in case I see him again. He would then get escorted out of the building.

2. Have Jackie go up there with the police and have him escorted out, and possibly banned.

Marion said she wanted me to wear the security thing whenever I'm alone anyway, just in case. Jackie also suggested as part of the second one, that she SQUISH the boy. I like the squishing. So tomorrow, around the time he's usually there, Jackie's going to go up there and have a look around. If she sees a guy that matches my description, (along with his friends), she's having them ALL taken out of the library. I think she's also filing a report with the police because he constitutes as a sex offender. Marion was a bit skeptical that they could ban him from the library, but Jackie is completely fighting for him to be kept out of the building perminately.

I'm a happy dragon right now.

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Romani Heart said...

I've given this alot of thought today and ya know, I'd really like to just drive up there and give the library perve a winky-ectomy.