Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hooray for official bloggness

Wow. I'm proud of me for actually being able to say that I have a blog. I mean...I have a livejournal...ok, so actually two...but those are livejournals, not blogs. There really does seem to be a difference between the two.

As my first post...I feel that I must explain why I started this. It's mostly because I have several friends who are on here (my mother included) and I kind of forget to read their blogs. I feel this will remind me to read them. I also plan to use this as a place to work on my various stories and to make a more mature and less whiney journal of sorts...though we all know this plan shall fail...

it'll fail HARD

I'll probably use it to post pictures, realistically....and to rant about how I don't fit in anywhere in reference to my heritage.

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