Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fun times with the boy child

Weeee!! I have, once again, confiscated the laptop of the boy child (as my mommy lovingly refers to him), and I don't plan on giving it back!! Mwahaha! he'll probably tickle me adn steal it back...but yah know, at least I have goals, ok? I've decided that I hate mouse pads on laptops. They are most definately not made for people with large man-hands such as myself. And yes, Kevin has smaller hands than me. It's a sad fact of life, I know. Anyway...this weekend hasn't been too bad so far. Friday I spent a lot of time here at Kevin's house, mostly watching him play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It's the sequal to Prince of Persia, which I have. You should really check out the trailers for that game, the graphics are unbelievable and the main character is HOT. Like, even guys think he's hot. After that he took me back to my room where I knocked myself out with NyQuil and proceeded to NOT do any of my homework. Really, I'm not that much of a's just that I really wanted to knock this cold out of me so me and Kevin will stop trading it back and forth...cuz everytime he starts to get over it, I give it to him again ^^; I'm a germ breeding ground.

Yesterday I got up around 10am and, while in a drugged and groggy state, got dressed and waited for Kevin to come get me. Apparently when he had called that morning, he had told me to call him when I was ready. Well, due to said druggeof d and groggy state, I didn't hear this and I ended up waiting til he finally called at noon, wondering why the hell I hadn't called him back yet. After all the fussing and general aggravation (that's usually over dramatized by my baka of a boyfriend), me, him, and our friend Damian all went to the Natural Science center. There was much walking around and complaining because pretty much everything they had was broken and like half of the petting zoo was closed off for repair and whatnot. But, I got to pet a goat, so I was happy. We also saw this little education show thingie and it was fun and full of giggles because the woman in charge kept forgetting the kids' names when they would volunteer. She'd pick on us to answer questions too. All in all, it was ok...but I wasn't really impressed with the place. After that we went to Edward McKay's (a used bookstore) where Kevin bought a copy of the game Skies of Arcadia and I bought a copy of Night of the wolf. We then continued our usual rounds of going to K-Mart and Walmart. I bought a reduced price copy of Monster Hunter. It seems umm...interesting.

We later dropped off Damian and I spent the night with Kevin. There was much girlfriendy/boyfriendy stuffs going on. It's all rather mushy, so I won't get into it here. I'd rather not hear the sound of my readers (probably only reader), wretching for days.

I don't have any other news, really. OH! You MUST watch the DRAGONS: Fantasy Becomes Reality thingie that's coming on tonight at 8 on Animal Planet. HOLEH CRAP! It shall be awesome.

I really need a personal icon thingie...perhaps I shall use a picture of the Price of Persia. I don't care if it's a male...he's hot and that's all that matters.

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