Monday, March 21, 2005

Same ol' same ol'

Today has say the least. Just my usual kind of day; woke up to Imani yelling at me and complaining because I wouldn't (couldn't actually- I was still drugged from the NyQuil...that crap knocks me out yo'), get out of bed and she kept playing this annoying song "Wake Up" from Lazy Town. She seems to think that it's horrifying enough to make me get out of bed. Really all it does is piss me off even more. Do you know how annoying it is for someone to call you lazy when you don't sit up in bed cuz your head is spinning and it feels like your bed is vibrating? I day she's going to get smacked in the head with whatever is closest to my bed. And if you know me, then you realize just how much stuff that is. ANYWAY, after that I went to my papers and stuffs that I missed last week...went to my other class...giggled lots because my teacher is all small and cute. Really...and she giggles a I end up giggling a lot o.O After that I attempted playing Prince of Persia. I've been stuck in the same battle for about three weeks. I just can't seem to kill all the sand soldier...thingies. It's really frusrating. I gave up on that and played with my camera a little...too random pictures of my face...I might post them later, I dunno. They aren't exactly the best in the world.

I wish I could take pictures that made me look amazing. Something for me to think about.

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