Thursday, March 31, 2005

This is mainly a messege to mommy

I was umm…assaulted…at the library today. There was this guy who kind of kept following me while I was shelving and he was apparently intent on having me watch him play with himself. He didn’t hurt/touch me, and he ran back to his chair next to his buddies when I told him to go away (ok, so it was more like “get the eff away from me”). This guy is a student, about my age, and his friends happen to be people that Choua (my friend) had class with, and she may actually know their names. I told Marion and today me, her, and the big boss lady are going to talk about what’s going to be done about it, and until everything is sorted out, she said that I’ll be no where near tower 2.

I’m fine…just a little paranoid of males right now.

I’ll update later when I get back from work.


Romani Heart said...

ACK!!!!!!! lemme come up there ... i'll make sure he doesnt have anything to play with!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC said...

Ewwww.....I'd like to say that when boys grow up they become less stupid - but I can't.

Although if I ever caught word that my son was doing something like that....I'd make sure he didn't have anything to play with anymore either ;)

Marlewen said...

I think my boss is all for that idea as well. She kept telling me how I reminded her of her daughter..she showed me a picture and we do look a lot alike o.o