Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fuzzy lemurs, rain, and books on tape

Kevin aparently finds it amusing to force me to listen to The Devinci Code on audio tape....okay, good...he stopped. So anyway...we went and saw Madagascar today...mommy lied to me and said she'd take me...but no..she didn't...*glares and life giver* wasn't too funny, but it had it's moments. I lovied the Penguins ^^ Weee for pengu-pengu!

Kevin found this really neat thing called Google Earth. It's so fun! There's a lot of stuff that isn't mapped yet, but the stuff that is there is neat. There's not much mapped for around here all...but the part that is done is near where a friend of mine I followed the roads until I found her showed me an arial view of her house! Cars in driveway and everything. It's super neat. I'm going to have to download it when I get home. I have a feeling it's something my mom would enjoy doing. Not only can she obsess about our ancestors, but she can look at where they lived too ^^;

I'm off for now...may be leaving tomorrow...or I may beg to stay another day...there's a movie I wanna catch tomorrow. Plus it's all stormy.

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