Saturday, July 16, 2005

Newest Installment

Ok, so here ya go! It doesnt' seem like much really...but I swear when double spaced in Word it's like two and a half pages. Anyway, I can't remember if I posted it on here or not yet, but my mom found out what the Lord's actual name was, so from now on he's going to be William instead of James. Trust me, it'll be a lot less confusing that way ^^: So I'll go back and change that after I post this.


William was surprised to say the least. He was both excited and terrified at the same time; on the one hand, he would finally have a child. On the other hand, there was now proof of his affair with Sarah. Until this point, both of the families had known about the affair but it was easily pushed aside and assumed that it wouldn’t last for very long. But now that there would be a child no one could ignore it anymore and the consequences would be set into place. Just as it was against public law for Gypsies to interfere with the people of Scotland, it was against Gypsy law to have contact with non-Gypsies, unless of course you were in the business of making money by whatever means. As result, Sarah was ignored by most of her family and Band. William, in a moment of desperation, decided to take her and the child in as servants in his household just after the child was born. The reasoning he gave to his family was that he took pity on the woman, having no other place to go. The family accepted this, even though they knew the truth. You’ll find that in most cases, it’s easier for people to ignore the truth and accept the lie.

The child was given two names, as is customary amongst the Gypsies, the first being James and the second being Seumas. Only his mother and father knew him by his second name, everyone else just called him Jamie. Little Jamie had only been there a year before Elizabeth began having children of her own. Soon he had other siblings to play with and after a while no one noticed that he was the only one with dark hair. He wasn’t treated any differently by any of the family and even Elizabeth eventually began looking after him when he was playing with her children. During this time William’s affair had almost come to an end. He began paying more attention to his wife and children than he did to Sarah, and she was beginning to get jittery staying in one place. She loved her son, and her heart still burned for William, but she longed to be out in the hills with her Band, listening to the music her father played by the fire. One night she snuck off into the darkness, not to return for several days. She was going back to her family’s camp to plead with her father to be allowed to return. On her venture back, she was greeted with the news that her father had his hand broken by an angry townsman who suspected him of stealing horses. The healer of their caravan had tended to it, but she wasn’t able to set it in time. His hand was too mangled to hold his fiddle. People were beginning to be more aggressive to her kind and it was apparent that they needed as many on their side as possible. It was decided that she could return, and could even bring the boy with her if she wanted. She told him that she would return in two weeks after she had thought over it. Again, she loved her son dearly, but he could do so much better living with his father where he would grow up with money and without the ill treatment of the people of Europe. She also asked a favor of her father before she left; she asked to take his fiddle, as he no longer had any use for it.

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