Saturday, July 09, 2005

tears, goodbyes, and heart burn

I came back home from Kevin's house today. There was much crying on my part...kinda did that throughout the whole stay. Luckily, no one noticed until I was just about to leave, then I broke down on Kevin's arm ^^; I'm such a wuss. I had the chance to stay another day...but I just would have cried harder if I had. Yah, I suck like that. He's good with that stuff...I hate that he has to try so hard to make me stop crying (once I start, there's really no stopping), and I don't think he knows how happy I am with his arms around me, even if there are tears streaming down my face and snot trails commin from my nose and I'm all hiccupy and sobby. That's why I miss his hands. They're the best hands in the world.

Ok, now I'm a little off track...So I came home after a rather stressfull drive. Truck drivers are jerks, I think that says it all. I managed to make it home with one egg short of two dozen. Not my fault that the one was cracked, so go me! Now, the reason I have the eggs...because Kevin's mom never lets me leave without some kind of food. Last time it was Jelly. Not that I'm complaining, hell, it's free food, it just makes me giggle that she gave me eggs. It seems a little random and odd. That's like...something that Bernice used to do. She was the lady who we rented our first trailer from when we lived on the outskirts of Hooterville. I used to go with her to collect eggs...though she didn't usually give them to us, she'd give us honey from her own bees ^^ I miss that stuff, it was a LOT better than store bought. I'll be sure to make a srambled egg sammich when I get up tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be eatin lots of 'em ^^;;;

Ack! My eyes are like...refusing to focus. I think I stared at Google Earth for too long. Either that, or maybe I really do need glasses. Since about the tenth grade I've had trouble seeing stuff written on the board and overhead. I almost hate reading now because my eyes go crossed while I'm reading and my head starts to hurt. I need to get my eyes check, like...bad. Nana said she'd get me an appointment this month...or at least at the beginning of August when she gets paid. And who knows...maybe I'll have to have reading glasses and then I can be all hot with my glasses and...umm...yah. I'll be teh HAWT. You will all envy my HAWTNESS!

ps. I <3 Kei-kun's pudgey pudge.

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