Tuesday, July 12, 2005

HOLEH CRAPEH! More story

So yah...here ya know...right where the last entry left off.

It was then that he noticed her clothing. She wasn’t wearing rags, but her clothes didn’t seem quite appropriate for a wedding. She was wearing a simple dress, the skirt of which seemed to be made of several layers of fabric, which had coins and jewels sewn into the hem and around the short sleeves. Around each wrist she wore several bracelets at a time and wore two necklaces about her neck. It was as though she kept all of her belongings with her at once, for even amongst the two long raven braids that fell over her shoulders there were strung coins intertwined. His blue eyes widened, but he quickly caught himself and calmly said “You are very brave, appearing in public as you are. The penalty for Egyptians is that of death.” He tried to keep his voice light and casual. He didn’t want to make her think that he was going to call her out as a Gypsy in the middle of the dancing, but he wanted to be sure that she was aware that someone else might.

“I, sire, have come to find that people who want nothing to do with the likes of myself rarely ever notice me, that is how badly they want to be rid of me,” she said, boldly putting more bread into her pocket. He laughed softly at her and said “Aye. Perhaps that is why I noticed you, then. Because I want everything to do with you…” he paused for a moment to watch her reaction to this, and seeing that she wasn’t completely appalled by him, he continued, “however, it also could have been that you’ve put three pounds of bread into your skirt.” They both began to laugh and from that day on they would continue to laugh together for at least a year. He would continuously sneak off to visit his Gypsy lover, leaving behind a very lonely wife. Elizabeth knew where William had been going and was pretty sure of what he had been doing, she could always tell by the stupid grin he had on his face and the way he would avoid touching her for a few hours after his return. It, however, didn’t bother her. They had been married for a few years by this time and she had yet to bear him any children. She figured that this was the penalty for being a poor wife.

Now, I would like to clarify that William was not a corrupt man. He loved his wife dearly and would have done anything to ensure her happiness. He, however, happened to love Sarah as well. She was so different from any other Scottish woman he had met. There was a mystery, a fire about her that he couldn’t quite figure out. Truth be told, he didn’t want to figure it out. It gave her a wildness that danced behind her dark eyes and this helped him escape from the restrictions of upper class. Because of her lifestyle, her and her family were constantly moving about the highlands of Invernesshire, trying to escape the persecution of the government and the people of the towns. There would be times when he would not see her for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. It would be after one of these weeks that he would learn she was with child.

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