Monday, July 04, 2005

*listens to the Donnas*

The Donnas are awesome. You should all listen to them.

In other news...I have no idea what's happened to Megan. It's like she's dissapeared from the face of the mountain. She hasn't been online in like...a month and just now I tried calling her house and got the uber annoying recording saying that the number was dissconnected. These aren't good signs. I'm pretty sure that if she couldn't make the phone payment, she would have wrote wbout it in her journal. She has a very active online life involving EOFF (Final Fantasy messege board thingie) and there are a LOT of people who would want to know if she wasn't going to be online. I'm sure she knows this. So now I'm lead to believe that maybe her grandma (I think) kicked her out of the house in which they were living. Technically the grandma owns it, though she doesn't live there, and can, in all legality, sell it. Megan said that she had changed her mind about it...but she very well could have changed it back at a moment's notice. This is also about the time when she first said she wanted Megan and Sarah out. So now I have to wait. If I want to find out anything, I need to get a hold of their cousin. She lives right up the road and would know what happened. Though, in order for that to happen, I have to wait for Hope to get on. She's the only one I can think of who has her phone number. So yah...

I really hope it's just a phone fluke. Otherwise I'm going to have to go beat some little old woman.

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