Friday, July 20, 2007

Part of a Group

So I kind of wish hat I was into the Harry Potter books...simply because I wish I was part of a group and I could be all excited about the new book being out. But...I can't be part of that...the books that I read don't get hype. They also don't come out regularly- except Dresden Files...and a new series about a rubenesque vampire. Sarah read Night far I think she's the only one who's read the same book as me, aside from things read in school.

I wish there was a book store in town T_T Or at least in Newport. And I mean a big book store like a Barns and Noble or Borders...hell, even a Books-A-Million. But no...*sighs* I think I'm going to Asheville tomorrow, I want the second Dresden Files book, Day Watch, and Real Vampires Live Large.

Yah, I'm totally going to Asheville tomorrow...anyone want to join me?

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