Saturday, July 21, 2007

Haha, I win!

I braved Asheville only to discover that no one was around. There was little to NO traffic, which is rare for the city. The book stores had a lot of people, but it wasn't crazy- I guess I waited long enough for the fans to thin out....there was actually a creepy silence from all the people reading ^^; And again, I sorta wished I could be part of the crowd, sitting around with friends and reading...but oh well, too late I guess.

I also saw Andrew, and then an hour later, saw Freeman! OMG! It was crazy I tell ya.

So this weekend, I'm gonna be reading Fool Moon- let's see if I can get the three books that I bought knocked out before the end of July :D That would be rather awesome. I should call Jen and see if she's read any more of the series...course, knowing her if she's into it, she's already read all the ones that are out XD She ties Jamie with reading ability. I'm only on number 2 ^^;

I'm full of taco bell...mmmm....

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