Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nya #_O

So yah, blogginess.

Not much has happened as of late...still haven't fit all of my crap into my room...same old same old.

However, today, I watched this really crappy thing on Discovery about the possibility of alien animals. It was neat...but the presentation was crappy...I would rather have an indepth story line like in the Dragon thingie that was done in March. This wasn't done by the same people, so maybe that's why. But anyway, seeing the other animal designs was neato-speedo. It made me think, and want to draw, actually. I wonder what kind of creatures like that I could come up with, and what little stories I could make. Could bring about a nifty project. Though whenever I think of these things, I end up thinking about Samiel (the hell hound thingie) from Hellboy, some of the creatures on the show kinda looked like him too. Though I've noticed that not alot of alien creatures are really fuzzy...they're usually dino-esque and have scales or hides much like a rhino. I wonder why that is...maybe it's like a part of the human psyche that anything furry has to be like us, so alien things have to be scaley or in need of moisturizer. They very often have tenticals as well. *thinks* I definately need to draw something. Maybe I can practice by doing things from movies and stuff first. I dunno

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