Thursday, May 26, 2005

On the road again

Today I leave for High Point where I will crash at Kevin's house for the night. This is so I'll have time to pick up Aarin on Friday and take her to Animazement with me ^^ This is in no way a plan. No. It is merely an idea of what will happen the next few days...afterall, we all know what happens when I try to plan something.

So after I stay at Kevin's, I'll be on my way to Animazement! Yay! I will, however, need to find a Coinstar in Greensboro somewhere if I want to have any money for food and stuff. Yes, almost all of my money is in change. Yay for pennies!

Well...I'm gonna cram my crap into the van and set off on my adventure. Weee adventure! If I'm lucky, Saturday I'll be able to find an ATM and withdraw the money that should be in my account by that time.

I'll might just be able to buy a lil' something while I'm there

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