Wednesday, May 25, 2005



So I went and bought pants today...also applied to work at the library here in what momma calls hooterville (well, it belongs to the same county thereof), and renewed the tags for both vehicles here at home.

But anyway, back to the pants.
I ended up having to go to the mall alone (even though it turns out that Megan was there at the same time that I was...that makes me sad that I didn't know she worked later...she works at the Sears there for those who didn't know), and Matilda couldn't go because she was making dinner and apparently tried to scramble eggs using Crisco. I told her of her mistake and then sadly trodded off to the mall. I had to pee really bad when I got there, and I was having a crap load of trouble trying to find the plus sizes in JC Peny, so I headed off to the potty. It was one of those one stall deals, the bigger bathroom was a long walk away. Well, apparently the person who used it before decided they wanted to avoid germs and didn't sit all the way down onto the seat. A hint to all those of you who like to hover: YOU PEE ALL OVER THE SEAT AND MAKE THE BATHROOM NASTY FOR THE NEXT PERSON!! STOP SPREADING YOUR GERMS ALL OVER THE FRIGGIN PLACE AND SIT DOWN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!! *coughs* Needless to say, I held it and walked on to Lane Bryant. Now then, I had made a quiet promise to myself that I would get chepaer jeans somewhere else...but what the hell, they were right there and I didn't feel like walking much. Never hurts to look, right? So I went in and actually found a pair of jeans (slightly flared), that were only $38 rather than the normal $58 or even $99. The tag said low-rise. This made my heart sink cuz I knew that these pants wouldn't come anywhere near my hips and thus really wouldn't cover much of my body. I have a long body, btw. But they had a size 26, a rarety, so I, again, just went with it and tried them on. Low and behold they fit better (and rose higher, oddly enough) than my normal pants.

There was much squeeing inside my head for this find.

I then paid for them and got a four dollar discount for buying a magazine (yay coupons and $34 jeans!). Afterwards, since I had only taken 15 minutes to do this shopping that I fear would last three hours, I went to get food. I stopped at the Burger King on the way home, wen through the drivethrough, and parked in the place next to the birch trees where mommy and me normally park. I was rather happily eating my fries, when I heard a flutter noise. I figured a little birdy had landed next the car, looking for discarded food as is the norm for fast food parking lots. I looked over to toss him/her/it a fry only to find that it had flown inside my car. He/she/it was cheerfully perched on the edge of my mostly rolled down window and stared at me with it's head tilted to one side. In a moment of shock I said, calmly "Get out of my car..." And so he/she/it did. He/she/it did, however, land next to the car and proceeded to stare at me and chirp. I threw a fry out and watch said fry get dragged away.

There was a return for another about five minutes later ^^;

Such cuteness!!

However, for the res of my meal, a flock of various birds stayed in the tree in front of me, just
waiting for me to throw out the rest of my food...

I rolled the window up after that.

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