Friday, May 13, 2005


I got home yesterday after one of mine and mommy's usual driving adventures. We had fun times =^^= It took me until about 8 or 9 to get all of my crap into the house today...ugh, so much crap. It's taken me all night to clean my room enough to set up my comp...heh, right now, that's really the only thing I've moved into my room from the living room ^^; I promise that it won't be a mess forever, really. But anyway, yah...set up comp with my spiffy-cool wireless adapter. It's, well...spiffy-cool. Having one less cord in the floor is always a plus. However, after I got all of that set up, I found out that the spacebar on my keyboard is loose and doesn't work right...must be from when I dropped it yesterday ^^; Ah well...we had a spare keyboard laying around the house (bought for the old comp, just before it died), so I'm using it for now. There doesn't seem to be anything broken on my other maybe I can fix it. I dunno...though it's funny that everything, even stuff I've added on to my comp, is silver and black...while this keyboard is WHITE.

Hehe, sticks out like a sore thumb.

I'm sleepy.

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