Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I can fake it with the best of anyone...

Sorry, Fake It by Seether is stuck in my head *bounces a little*

So yesterday I was suppose to go to a write-in in Asheville, but...well...the "check engine" light came on and last time that happened in the van stuff exploded, causing us like $146 in damage. So I came home. I was really nervous, but there were no odd smells/sounds that would indicate something was wrong, so mostly I was just pissed off. I made it home safe and told Momma and Nana what happened. Nana said it was probably just like a warning that we needed transmission fluid or something.

My Mom gets in the car today...and no light. DAMMIT! I swear the van is trying to make me look like a paranoid freak. Especially since I was going on and on about the brake lights not working, only to discover that I was seeing things (or, well, NOT seeing things I guess), and they're working fine and dandy. *sighs* Just to be sure, though, Nana's going to show me how to check all of the various fluids- though I managed to check the oil and refill the washer fluid (that's been out for MONTHS) all by myself. I was proud. So yah...gonna get dressed and be a grease monkey for a little bit...then I have a staff meeting and HOPEFULLY I'll be going to a NaNo meeting tonight.

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