Monday, November 05, 2007

NaNo: Day 5

So it's Day Five of Nano and I have 4131 words. I'm a bit behind, but I have the next three days off. Can you say speed writing? XD Work has been slowing me down a bit. I got so used to doing nothing all day, and then suddenly I'm running around for 6 or so hours a day- my body wasn't likeing that so I was pretty much dead when I got home. However, I bought a little notebook (small enough to fit in my pocket) so I can right when I'm waiting for the tubs to fill. Even on the busy nights, after everyone's in their tubs, we might have a whole half hour where we have to wait. During those lulls last night (which was busy as hell), I cranked out over 600 words. I was proud :D

As for the story itself, it's coming along pretty well. I'm not likeing the narration too well right now, but that's because it's 3rd person. Generally my narrator's are a character all their own (never me, cuz ya'll know how poorly I tell stories XD), and this one....I dunno. It just doesn't have it's own voice yet. I'm sure it'll start to flow after a while. This is also my second attempt at a horror theme. The first was my other mermaid story. I think I had the same problem with it too XD So maybe it's just that genre lol. I've missed useing 3rd person (limited) though. I can go into so much more detail with it- or at least it seems like I can because I'm not completely restricted by the knowledge of a character. But other than the narration, it's all good. I'm starting to get more backstory on the main character and her fears/ambitions and whatnot. I'm having a little trouble making all of the other orphans she watches over their own individuals, but that's slowly coming along as well. Names are mostly kickin my ass though xD That's nothing new lol.

In other non-Nano news...I GET TO GO FOR SUSHI WITH EMILY! And possibly swing by and see Sarah :D There will also be some Walmartness happening. But mostly SUSHI!! Though I hope Emily doesn't mind me scribbling in a notebook while I shovel tempura into my face and talk to her all at the same time.

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