Thursday, November 22, 2007

Work woes

Working at the spa is destroying my shoes. I mean, it'd probably help if my pants weren't so long cuz they rub sand all over my shoes. I'll get around to fixing those as soon as I find my really big safty pins. But ya sneakers just aren't made for this kind of abuse and once winter really sets in, I'll die from slipping on ice. I need something with treads that can withstand being soaked in water. So I'm thinking of getting these. They're water proof AND have "Hydrogaurd" lining. I guess that means the inside is waterproof too. I don't really need steel-toed boots, but hey- that couldn't hurt, ya know? And they're pretty reasonably priced. So next Friday when I get paid (that check will be nothing but spending money, boy howdy), I'll be running to walmart for these bad boys. EXCITEMENT!

Also, tonight, I got a dollar tip :3


Terri D. said...

O la la, work boots. Momma likes. I love boots. I mean, they're so versatile, and at the same time, they keep your feet toasty warm and dry. It's like the best of both worlds.

Marlewen said...

I know, I'm super excited about getting them :3