Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NaNo: Day 6

So I still haven't broken 6,000 words. But ya know, the day's still young and whatnot. I'm starting to get into places where I'm not sure what needs to happen- but it's cool because ideas are flowing much more easily than I first anticipated. I've found that writing in my little notebook tends to go a bit faster than when I'm staring at my computer screen. Now why that is, I dunno. But it's working. I think maybe because I don't have to guess how many words I've done because I know that one page is roughly a little over 100, so I can keep tally without really thinking about it.

Also, I'm really likeing these "Pep Talk" emails that get sent from NaNoWriMo.org. They're written by published authors and they're, well...pep talks (duh). This last one suggested that no matter what kind of block you're in, you should force yourself to write at least ten words. I like that.

In non-NaNo news: OMG THEY'RE SELLING THE LITTLE DEBBIE CHRISTMAS TREE CAKES! *OMNOMNOMNOM* I love these things, ya'll just don't know. In other OTHER news- I killed my mom's car yesterday. Well not really. A belt came off, but I was driving it at the time and yah. That's why no sushi for me or Emily T_T It'll be fixed by tomorrow afternoon we hopethink. After that, I have to drop the van off at Original Look so they can attatch the spiffy blue door that I drove all the hell over to Greenville for. It won't be ready until Thursday afternoon though. I also have no idea if I have to work Thursday (the schedule wasn't printed when I checked today), so I dunno how that's gonna work. Hopefully I'll only work til 3pm. That'll give me time to go up there. Now, how I'm going to get the van home is another story. I need someone to drive with me :/ Maybe I can talk someone into staying after 5 to wait for my mom....oh wait...I'll have her car. So I dunno how she'd get up there. If all else fails, Matilda has Friday off, so maybe I can ask her and we can go get it then.

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