Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas stuffs has begun!

I have our sad lil' tree up :D It needs more decorations, but all we have are either broken or too heavy for it's little branches. I'm actually tempted to take off all of the stuff and wrap around my extra set of lights, just to give it a little more zazz.

Yes. Zazz.

I need a trip to walmart...or a drugstore or something so I can get small, cheap things to put on the tree. The dollar store has some, but most of them are broken. I can't use those XD

Here's what I've done to the house so far:


Terri D. said...

Zazz it has, and zazz it shall recieve. Sometimes you just have to zazz it up. With Zatarins.

Under Thy Tongue said...

lol. Zazz it up with Zatarins.
So...when are you coming to decorate my house? I mean, we already have the tree up, but you could do some mantel work or something.