Monday, December 03, 2007

Wow XD

So when I logged on to post on blogger today, I saw a little info bit about embedding YouTube videos. I LAWLED because the example they used was this guy. He's known for playing songs by making farty noises with his hands. The really funny thing is that he did a cover of Slot's song 2Wars (Dva Vaini, I think) and ya know, they're one of my favorite bands EVER. But seeing as they're from Russia and their cds haven't been released here, I can't buy their stuff. *woe* I'm listening to the new songs they've added on myspace and OMG!

In other news, I'm putting up the Christmas tree today. Or Yule tree. Depends on how you look at it lol. Anyway, this has require cleaning on my part. I know, it's scary, but I did it. So far I've done dishes (momma already had the washer loaded, so that wasn't much...), cleaned out one of the chairs in the living room (so now I've given up half my bed for my bag of clothes. GAWD I need my own place...), I also cleaned the stains off of said chair, fixed my door (that had nothing to do with the tree area, but I needed a better way of keeping the pets out of my room), and washed a load of clothes. I won't actually be able to get the tree up until I dry the clothes that I have in the wash now (the blanket for it is in there), so now I'm kind of wasting time. XD

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