Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Paula Deen and Shiney Things

I got a package from Aarin today :3 It consisted of some tiny ornaments for our tree and my Christmas present which may or may not be a book. LOL inside jokes...

Anyway, yah, it's totally a book. :D It's called Paula Celebrates and yes, it's a Paula Deen cook book! *wiggles* If ya'll know me at all, then you know that I love me some Paula Deen. She's that wonderful combination of cook and story teller that most people only see in their own grandmothers. I think it's safe to say that this is pretty much a requirement if you're a Southern woman. The book is a good example of this as each set of menues comes with a story of why the recipes are important to her and memories of her family. It'll be a good read :3

Imagin my surprise when I told Nana that I had this book and she told me that Paula was being picketed! She couldn't remember why, so I looked it up. You can read the news story HERE if you want to. It's from a news station in Savannah, Georgia- where Paula Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons is located.

Basically what had happened was, Paula is the celebrity spokesperson for a ham company here in NC. Apparently they are having some Union issues as the workers feel they're environment is crap. It may very well be, I dunno. The point is, because Paula Deen is the celebrity spokesperson, they're trying to use her to get to the company. She's refusing to help them, however, because she feels it is not her place to be involved in the negotiations as she doesn't know anything about running a Union. She's a cook- that's all she knows.

I'd just like to say- Go you, Paula! I will cherish my copy of your book and I hope things return to normal for you and your employees at The Lady and Sons.


Terri D. said...

I love Paula Deen, too. Heather really loves her, and will be interested in this turn of events. I dunno, I guess she's right, she doesn't have anything to add to the debate, so there's no point in her getting involved. But wouldn't it be so awesome to come across Paula Deen just hanging out in NC? She could make us something with butter in it.

Marlewen said...

That would be awesome! Course, I can make things with butter in them too >_>

Under Thy Tongue said...

Butter and sugar. Because, you know, I like sweet things. You know Paula's my mom, right? She is. I'm making her bread pudding on Christmas eve, and it's going to be wonderful. I wish she would just hang in NC, cuz then I'd be able to actually meet my momma.