Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merri Kurisumasu!

Soooo...for breakfast this morning, I had a bowl of cereal. Except there was barely an inch of milk in the carton and no clean spoons. You'd think I'd wash a spoon. Nope. I totally ate TWO bowls of cereal with a fork. And it worked by golly. My mood is much improved today- I woke up before my alarm and went into the living room to bounce on my mom who went back to sleep on the couch.

I gots stuff, and I will post pictures later. But for now I give you a list:

- Two water bottles
- Spongebob umbrella
- Earmuffs
- Purple satin sheets
- Monkey plushie that also works as speakers for MP3 players. It has shiney lights that are seizureriffic.
- Lotion, spray, and body wash from Bath and Body Works
- Cooking Mama for the DS :D


Under Thy Tongue said...

Where's my purple satin sheets??
I can't eat cereal without getting milk on my spoon. That's just preposterous.

Marlewen said...

Well see, it was chex so the milk was trapped inside each pice of cereal. Seriously, all the milk in my bowl was gone when I was done.

Terri D. said...

That was hella lazy, but I commend your effort.