Monday, October 08, 2007


Do I mean "explosions" or "implosions?" Read more to find out :D

So the mountains aren't really known for having earthquakes (not ours, anyway), but while I was away at school my mom had told me we had a few. She kept saying "I wish you were here, it was such a wierd feeling." Now, those of you who have experienced one probably wouldn't agree, but keep in mind that these were tiny quakes that were sometimes confused with thunder. Well, the other night I was sittin here with my laptop (now named Dellilah...yay for Dell laptops XD), and there was a mild BOOM outside.

We ignored it and moved on.

A little while later, there was a louder, window rattling BOOM. That got our attention. My mom looked up and said "Now that's what an earthquake feels like." She was totally convinced that's what had happened.

The next day we find out that someone found an UNPINNED GRENADE stuck near the rain road tracks near my house, and they had called in the bomb squad to detonate it. First they tried with half a stick of dynamite. But the guy missed. HE MISSED. Yah, I feel safe. So the second time was a full stick. Luckily they got it with that one.

But seriously...HE MISSED?

In other "romantica" story is going slowly- like only a few sentences a day slowly. I blame the internet. But I do have about 5 pages done. So yay! More of the details are getting clearer, though, so I should hit it at full speed sometime soon.

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