Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Days of October Part 1

Ok, so here's that post I kep promising you. On Tuesday, I intended to do a "day in the life" thing like Emily...and much like her, I gave up halfway through XD I ended up, however, just taking pictures until Thursday. So...there's some randomosity. Here's the first bit.

I r wake up early. SUNLIGHT BAD.

Brusha, brusha, brusha.

I is dressed noa.

Cookies, the breakfast of champions.

I was bored waiting for Nana at the clinic.

I'm a ghost, woooOOOOooOOOooo


So, yah...I did more stuff that day, but I'll post that later. Note the van parked directly in front of the building. I HATE when people do that? What if Nana had come out right then? I wouldn't be able to drive up to her. Some people are just really inconciderate.

In other news: Both my mom and my grandmother were diagnosed with Diabetes this week. Somehow, this has become a running gag between myself and my mom. She'll pick up a cookie, scarf it, and say "You know, I shouldn't eat this cuz I has the Diabetes. And the obesites."

We generally take all bad news like this.

Story of the van and what happened at Build A Bear to happen soonish.

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