Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Little Things

It's unexpected how happy a phone call can make me. Seriously, eventhough umm...crap, I need a nickname for this guy. Someone think of something....he can't be Stupid Boy because he hasn't proven himself to be such. guys think of something. Anyway, yah...he's called me twice now and is apparently making an effort to call me everyday...despite the fact it's long distance for him. I make the :D face.

In other not-so-sappy news- my favorite hair clip broke D: It's the octopus clip that Aarin gave me for graduation *sniffles* That was the best clip ever, too. *sighs* I suppose I'll have to find another one...but it won't be as special as that one was. My camera's lense cap is broken as well >_< I think I can get that replaced though. One day when I have a job, I'll have to look on the kodak site to see if they sell them. Which brings me to another thing: the gas station has already hired someone else. I wanna know why I didn't hear anything *grump* Ah well, the guy there told me to keep checkin back just in case. They haven't been able to keep anyone ('cept the old guy) for more than two weeks. So here's to hopeing that this new guys sucks too :D Haha, I'm so horrible sometimes XD

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