Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My life is quite like burned popcorn...

I don't know how it is, but if you can explain it, be my guest.

So yah...tomorrow I gots to go to EB Games and pick up my copy of Guild Wars. This is fun yet depressing at the same time. Fun, quite obviously because it's a game that I'll be able to play with Kevin, Carl, and Damian over the summer. Kevin's uber excited and he actually said "I always wanted a girlfriend who wanted to do dorkish things like this with me." Apparently his other girlfriends were boring prisses. Go me. This is depressing however because I gots to shell out forty bucks for the game, and I HAVE to get it tomorrow cuz I'm only garunteed a copy for 48 hours (yay preorder garunteeing me a copy). Plus, once I buy it...I'll have to wait til after this week to play it cuz I still have to order the parts for my computer, for which I will be spending extra money to have it sent express mail to ensure it gets here before I leave. That way Kevin will be able to install all the stuffs and I won't get home with my computer in pieces and me staring at the motherboard, wondering at all the pretty colors like I did last Saturday at Kevin's Grandmother's computer. I think...I'll have like...*thinks* $300 left, though. Maybe the $280 range. I've been obssevily calcutlating it for the passed couple of weeks. I don't think I'll be that bad off afterward. Plus I'll get more money (though not much more) after I sell my books back. I think last semester I got about $90. I might get more like $50 this year, though, cuz most of my books are little plays that they may not even accept, and if they do it'll prolly be for less than a dollar. But that's ok, any cash is good cash.

My drama exam is this Thursday. I don't expect to do well on it...but by golly I is gonna try my best. Weeee for BSing essays!

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