Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So new stuff! ok, maybe not...

Nothing new happenin, thus why I haven't posted anything ground-breaking. Though I think later, whenever flickr wants to agree with me, I may post pictures of the beautiful clothes worn at I-Fest this passed weekend.

In more other'll take about $135 to get my comp ready and rearin to go for Guild Wars. Yes...I know I'm spending money for a game...but it's a game that I can play online wif my silly boy, Carl, and Damian. I really like the idea of that. And it's free to play online, unlike many other morps. It's just that the game will be $50 when it comes out -_- But I'll only have to pay 40 then if I preorder it and make a ten dollar downpayment (yah, I know it doesn't make a difference, but I get spiffy things in the game, plus posters and stuff).

I want something I can lose myself in while I'm at home, I mean...I spend all of my time at school thinkinig about school, and when I go home I think about school with the addition of crap going on there (and don't say there isn't, because there is. Always has been).

It's really not a lot to ask, I think.

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