Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More annoucements!

Geez, I'm like the announcement person today....errr something like that, anyway.

So my schedual for next semester will be as follows (without any changes, hopefully)

Monday: 10am Shakespeare: Early Plays and Sonnets, 11am Russian Conversation (a different class from the one that I took this semester), 12pm Japanese 101.

Tuesday: 9:30am Approach to the Study of Lit., 11am Major American Authors: Colonial-Romantic, 2pm Writting Fiction: Intermediate.

Wednesdays and Fridays are just like Monday, while Thursday is just like Tuesday.

Mmmm, 18hours of classes. I'mma gonna DIE. PLUS I'll be working an extra hour in the library...just because I could add it in, and we all know that I could use as many hours as I can get. I won't be working any later than 5, so as not to endanger myself anymore than normal, plus Marion will be there until my last half hour, and Jackie will be there long after I leave. This makes me happy. My day will pretty much be done by five, and I'll actually have time to eat breakfast and lunch each day, which will be nice cuz having three full meals a day will help keep my weight down (I don't know why, but it does). I think I'll have to start taking those multivitamins again too. Believe it or not, they actually helped...I only stopped taking them cuz nana fussed at me for accepting something from Kevin's mom. I should probably start eating pinapple like my mommy too...for I have started kicking in my sleep and every day I wake up to swollen legs. Not good with all the walking I've had to do this passed semester.

Anyway...I'm going to go get some cheesecake for I'm at Borders. I be likeing me some cheesecake.

English is going to Kick. My. Ass.

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