Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My days seem bipolar

So yesterday was a great day...except later last night I felt like crap for NO APPARENT REASON and I was really tired. But it was that kind of tired where you feel like you could just drop at any moment, but you can't got to bed, ya know? So I ignored it and did my homework and a load of laundry (oooo, responsibity, imagen that). After I finished my work, I realized that it was almost midnight and my registration for next semester started then. If you've never tried to register for classes online, then you've never had to endure the experience of THOUSANDS OF CLASSMATES all trying to access the same server at once. It isn't pretty. Not to mention by then time you get all logged in and put in your special code given to you by your advisor, most of the classes you wanted to sign up for are full. I was gonna be one step ahead last night, I had my code (after searching and nearly crying because I thought I had lost it...it was under my keyboard the whole time), and I was trying my best to be patient as the internet slowed to a crawl while I was logging in. I got up to the code part. You have to do this before you can put in the codes for your classes. I put in my code and...denied. Hmm...I must have gotten the numbers backwards. I put it in another...ten times. All with the same result. Apparently I got a bum code. *sighs* First you should know that the idiots here keep assigning me a guy who quite four years ago as my advisor. Instead I have to go crawling to the head of the English department for his sympathy, (and more importantly, his code). I hadn't been able to meet with him about my class choices because our scheduals conflict...BADLY. So I emailed him last night about it and went to bed, weeping, because there was very little chance that the classes I wanted would be there, waiting for me in the morning, and I had no backups. Still no answer this morning. I then went to class, being in a general funk. I got to my English class only to find out that both me and Imani had the wrong books with us. Crap. Our professor in that class is a total snob and likes to pick on those who forget their books, even if they're the best students in the class. I really want to kick her. So we just left. This makes our third absence (which is really good for me), we can't miss anymore days due to her insane attendence policy (that no student agrees we should have), and ya know...she even said "why even bother coming to class if you don't have your book?" So yah...we went to the tv room in the EUC and watched Charmed and I read for my drama class. I continued to stay in my funk through Astronomy, and became worse off after seeing my test score. According to UNCG, I passed it, but Danford would like to say that I'm failing. I can't stand him either. Everyone in the class did poorly, so I know that it isn't just me being dumb. I seriously think he needs to learn how to teach. I mean, he's a smart man and great in his field...but he can't and shouldn't teach.

After the rest of my classes, I grabbed some food and waddled my way back to my room. I checked my e-mail and found that he answered me! Yay! Granted, he made some crappy-ass comment about "since your a sophmore, I can give you your code" Yah, whatever, I don't technically have to meet with you anyway, Mr. Romine, as I am not your advisie! It is YOUR job as head of the department I will one day join to ensure that I can take classes :P Silly man. Anyway, I logged in and crap, beign rather pessimistic about getting my classes and lo and behold, ALL of them were available! WOO! I'm particularly happy that I get to take Writing Fiction: Intermediate. That class isn't offered very often at all.

I'll post my schedual later...right now I'm waiting for Kevin to come and pick me up so we can get dinner and stuffs.

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