Monday, April 04, 2005

And there was great rejoicing!

OMG SO HAPPY!!! So I went to work and Emily did our usual "operation catch pervy bastard" routine. She went out onto the second floor first and looked for anyone there. She said there was a hindi/arabic guy being tutored. We decided to go the long way around, that way I'd be at the front, far away, and still be able to see into the glass room. As soon as we leave the stairwell, I see him, (who wasn't the guy Emily fact, she said that this guy wasn't even there when she first went out), right in front of me, talking to a girl. We immediately went downstaires and told Jackie. She called the cops and went upstaires, two cops following, and caught him, brought him downstairs, and put him in her office. She then had three of us walk by so I could look in the window and see if it was the same guy. Yup, it was. *glee* So now he's being charged with assualt, and tresspassing (neat considering he was in a public library). This means that if he's convicted, he'll be banned from the library. I have to go to court the 11th of May to testify...that'll be a new expirience. We even caught him talking to another girl who said that she didn't know him and he was creepy. He said that she had started talking to him >.> When we saw them, she wasn't saying anything.


Creepy liar guy.

So now...I just wait...and kind of hope that I don't see him on campus. After he goes to criminal court, he'll be sent to student court because he's a student and by making me feel unsafe on campus, he is impeding on my learning. It's possible he could lose financial aid, I think. They didn't say that...I just think that something really bad for him will happen in student court, esspecially since our campus is trying really HARD to crack down on this sort of thing.